Track: 4:1:1-3

Position Value +I
3: The Magician stands in a garden. On the table before him are symbols of the four suits of Tarot: a cup representing our capacity to feel, dream and imagine; a pentacle symbolizing our basic needs and innate connection with nature; a wand standing for our desire to create and ability to take action; and a sword signifying our ability to be thoughtful and analytical. The power The Magician derives from each of these realms brings all inspirations into fruition. He teaches us to be focused and deliberate in our pursuits, and to make sure that our endeavors give us creative and emotional satisfaction while fulfilling our practical needs.

I've been told just what to do with it To keep both my hands above the bla- blanket When the light's, out. I wanna show all the dirt i got running through my mind.
Track: 4:6:18-20

Track: 12:5:22

Position Value +IV
9: The Emperor is the archetypal father who provides needed order, security, and stability. He is assertive and confident, but the responsibility he has inherited is not always easy. He sits in a mountainous desert donned in armor and a heavy cloak, prepared to fight for his kingdom and authority.

Big fat bass The big fat bass Big fat bass The big fat bass Big fat bass The big fat bass Big fat bass The big fat bass Big fat bass The big fat bass Big fat bass The big fat bass Big fat bass The big fat bass
Track: 8:1:1-14

Track: 7:5:19-24

Track: 1:5 :27-39

Position Value +VIII
15: The woman in the Strength card subdues the lion with a gentle touch. She is not intimidated by the lion\u2032s force and therefore can approach him assertively and with compassion. She inspires us to rely on our inner strength and to face a beast with integrity and tranquility.

Boom, boom, baby Pick you up in my Mercedes I'mma be a little selfish Be a little
Track: 11:4:24-27


Track: 3:5: 15-18

Track: 1:1:1-8

Position Value +XIV
28: The Temperance card symbolizes the state of inner balance necessary for healing and a general sense of wellbeing. The Temperance angel, with one foot on land and the other in water, pours water from one chalice to the other, symbolizing the harmony of the conscious and subconscious.

Get you off with a touch dancin' in the dark You notice what I'm wearing I'm noticing your staring You know that I can take it to the next level baby Hotter than the A-list Next one on my hit list Baby let me blow your mind tonight!
Track: 1:3:15-21

Position Value +XV
30: The Devil can symbolize playfulness and fun, the appreciation of material and sensual pleasures. But The Devil card also warns that overindulgence in this realm can distract us from the truth, with the resulting ignorance leading to oppression. There is an additional lesson to be learned from the man and woman in the card who seem to have accepted or become accustomed to their enslavement and are unwilling or unaware of their ability to remove the loose chains from around their necks.

You're so bright, like a dream, you burn up, everything, we might, make a scene, ignite, gasoline. Spark and it's like Gasoline I start purring like a machine, my heart only runs on supreme, so hot, give me your gasoline,
Track: 11:7-9:2-5

Track: 1:5:237-39

Position Value +XVIII
36: In The Moon card, the lobster coming out of the water represents something of significance emerging from our subconscious, like messages from dreams. The moon creates shadows and illusions, stimulating our imagination and intuition.


Position Value +XXI
42: The woman in The World card accepts the world as it is and has learned to dance within its limitations. She has fully integrated the lessons of the hardships she has endured, and she is aware she will face more challenges in the future. She finds solace in knowing that she will continue to mature in the process.


Track: 9:1:1-4

Track: 3:5: 24-28

Track: 12:5:21-25

Track: 12:5:23

Track: 12:6:26-31

Sweet talk, here we go, tell me something credible. You drive me crazy everytime I smell your cigarettes and cologne You know I can make your night, you wanna get it You got something that I like but I might regret it
Track: 9:5:15-22

Track: 3:1:1-4

'Cause you're beautiful (Drop dead) Beautiful (Drop dead) Beautiful (Drop dead) Beautiful (Drop-drop dead)
Track: 6:7:46-53

Shame, on me. To need, release. Uncontrollably... I-I-I wanna go-o-o all the way-ay-ay taking out my freak tonight I-I-I wanna show-o-o all the dir-ir-irt I got running through my mind...
Track: 4:3:7-11

Track: 7:2:7-10

Track: 4:5: 15-17

Track: 8:11:1-39

I cant take it take it take no more Never felt like felt like this before C'mon get me get me on the floor DJ whatcha whatcha waitin' for!?
Track: 1:2: 9-13

Position Value -XIV
27: Imbalance. Volatility. Poor judgement. fickle decisions. Conflicting interests. Physical stress. Disagreements. Restlessness and instability. trying to combine too many or the wrong elements in too short an expanse of time.

Watch me move when I lose when I lose it hard.
Track: 1:3: 14

Position Value -XV
29: "True evil. Abuse of authority. Material success is the focus to the exclusion of all other things. Uncontrolled ambition. Greed. Bondage to a person or situation or thing. Emotional blackmail. More severe forms of the above. True evil.

He is a villain of the devil's law, He is a killer just for fun (fun, fun, fun), that mans a snitch and unpredictable, He's got no concious he got none (none, none, none) All I know should let go but no cause he's a badboy with a tainted heart and even I know this aint smart
Track: 12:3:14-26


Position Value -XVIII
35: Exaggerated forms of the above. The need for secrecy. Deception. Illusion. Escape into daydreams to avoid dealing with reality. Inability to discern reality from illusion. Insincere people. Hidden forces. Trickery. Sometimes an inability to tell the truth. Despair and a desperate need for help.


Position Value -XXI
41: Frustration. Completion delayed. Sometimes fear of change. Inability to bring something to a satisfactory end. resistance to change. Lack of trust. Despite appearances to the contrary, an indication that events have not yet come to a conclusion but are nearing completion. Hesitation.